Reflection On Scavenger Hunt Activity

Scavenger hunt activity was one of the most unique activities that I have experienced. In the last semester, I had an assignment with similar name in an architectural 3D modelling course. It required us to hunt any kind of material (such as rocks, and tree leaves) and to build up 3D model using these materials. That is why when we had this scavenger hunt activity on twitter, I expected that we would be hunting/researching certain information through twitter accounts. The activity was totally different from my expectations, and it was much funnier than expected. Different people around the world were posting unclear pictures that we had to guess. I enjoyed guessing what people were posting, and I enjoyed replying on their guess on my post too. After this assignment, I learnt that we have the power to display any object differently if we wanted to, and it is not necessarily to manipulate others. One thing that I liked about the activity is that it erases the borders between countries; as we get to know the similarities and the differences between our cultures.


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