Two of the “station” reflection

The two of the stations I picked are the online identity and online security. In my opinion, these two are complementary because creating online identity needs to be protected and secured through online security. To begin with the online identity, the lesson is not only explaining how people create an online identity, but also it is highlighting the issues around creating an online identity and how it could be misrepresented. According to the lesson, the online identity is created out of our “digital footprint”. Digital footprint is the trace that we leave behind us like the data about our click patterns, and many other data that we give about our preferences, habits, interests, etc. Our digital footprints are not traced only by the advertisers who take our information to know our preferences and sell us their products, but also cyberbullies and sexual harassers might be able to trace our digital footprints and use them against us. And that is why learning about online security is so important, as it helps in managing and maintaining a secure online presence. There are different methods for securing personal accounts, passwords are the most important to start with. The lesson gives hints about choosing better and strong passwords which are hard to tell; as it recommends choosing long and sufficient passwords. In addition to this, the lesson explains three different methods which helps in keeping the data secured. These methods are the secure socket layer, hashing, and salting. Not that only, but also the lesson mentioned the dangers of the phishing e-mails and gave an example of how this kind of mails usually look like. Finally, the lesson mentioned the problems of the malware virus and how we can protect our devices from it through using suitable anti-virus programs and ensure the privacy of our personal data. As a student I learnt a lot from these online sessions, and I feel that I am more aware of the problem and its consequences.


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