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Being judged by someone who doesn’t know you is one of the most annoying things that might happen to anyone. Usually people judge others by appearance, or by the first impressions they make about them which aren’t always true. Unfortunately, sometimes we turn to be very judgmental without noticing. That is why Nermeen and I would like to create a game about judgmental people to let the players discover how judgmental they might be in some situations without realizing they are. Basically the game will be giving real life situations that happen everyday to the players and will provide them with some kinds of comments that might come to their minds if they have ever been in these situations. For instance, the player is given a situation where he is driving his car and he saw two drivers fighting besides a car crash. The first driver is a male and the second driver is a female. The player is then given a set of choices: 1) It must be the female’s fault 2) It must be the male’s fault 3) Will have a look on the accident to decide 3) Will try to talk to them to know 4) Would complete his way without bothering to ask. I believe that most of us must have been judged by people who don’t know us, or have judged others without noticing we are doing so. Thus, we will gather the information about this topic from personal experience and other experiences in order to put real situations to the players which they can relate to.


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  1. I like the idea a lot as this happens everywhere and to everyone. People are usually judged upon things they did not choose as their appearance, gender, race or religion. Having situations that tackle these different areas would be so challenging, yet very interesting when it comes to playing the game. Best of luck!

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  2. Good example using male and female drivers. Often people are embarrassed by their first reaction because it reveals a hidden bias, and no one wants to be seen as biased? Or maybe they see bias as a form of knowledge of people and how they will act based just on appearance? They might even see it as a useful way to get through the world without “wasting time” meeting, talking to, or even thinking about certain people.

    Possible question would be to ask what people think of judgmental people. 1. Are judgmental people wise and observant? 2. Are they missing out on how interesting people really are by making categories of people-types? 3. Do they appreciate variety and surprises? 4. Are they creative? 5. Do they themselves think they would be interesting to know?

    Great question!

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  3. I really like your idea because by putting people in situations where they judge and stereotype, and asking them direct questions on how they’ll act in such situations, they’ll rethink for a moment how they would have acted normally and judge themselves before judging others.


    1. I did not know that. Thanks for the note on interectionality, Justin. We don’t have the race factor in the Egyptian context but perhaps we can think of other intersectionalities…


  4. Great idea Yasmine and Nermeen. I think our generation really needs that. A great way of doing it is making people be in situations where they judge and then try to put them in situations where they are being judged and ask them how they feel. Great idea and topic.


  5. I love the idea of the game since it’s somehow related to our course and the topics we’ve been discussing lately and it is also something that we always face here with the Egyptian society. I suggest adding other situations that are related to appearance, race or religion.

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    1. That is an awesome idea! I also had a flash from the movie “Crash” where one minute someone is acting very not racist but in another situation the person acts very racist.


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