Contribute Assignment

When I first thought about the contribution assignment so many ideas came across my mind. I believe that this is because we are currently at the end of the semester and we have discussed many themes and already learned them in so many different ways. We used to read articles, watch videos, and do class activities which were all beneficial. However, I personally enjoyed doing class activities the most, since they help us in understanding the issue  or concept faster and clearer. Therefore, I thought about doing a class activity related to the fake news theme.

There are many people who use the social media and internet as a source of information or news, and there are many others who get their information from their friends, families, or relatives and count on it as reliable information. This means that sometimes fake news spread out as a result of trusting what other people say which is never enough and should not be the norm. Therefore, this activity will require students to use any of their social media accounts to share fake news about themselves or any other topic. Then, they will watch out others reactions and whether they will believe them or not. This activity might make the students think before they believe what they hear from other people which is needed and thus will increase people’s awareness on the fake news phenomenon. The students would then need to upload another post clarifying that what they previously posted was fake, and elaborating the purpose of the activity which is no matter how close you are to a person, you should not take whatever they say as reliable or for granted without verifying it in a way or another.


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