Final Reflection

When I thought about the learning outcomes of the courses that I took at the end of the semester, I found that what I gained from this course was totally different from any other course that I took in AUC. To illustrate, I realized that most of the courses that I took taught me some knowledge about certain topics, calculations that may be required for a certain job, or theoretical  communicating, leading, ..etc skills. All of the previous things were important to be learned, but the interesting thing about this course is that I applied what I have learned from it in real life situations, and I will be applying what I have learned from it throughout my university years and my life.

First of all, I learnt how to be creative and to think out of the box. Although I believe that being creative is not something to be taught, still there are many ways to improve the creative part of the students. This happened as Dr. Maha did not set boundaries for any required assignment. For instance, the professor was giving us the requirements for each assignment without picking a definite form or layout by which the assignments should be submitted. It could be a podcast, blog post, video, short film, or any other form that would help us to express our ideas. Therefore, the professor encouraged us to be creative while learning the required topics. I personally enjoyed shooting a video for the very first assignment Alt CV  where we were asked to introduce ourselves in a creative way. Filming the video was so much fun and full of unforgettable moments, and this was the first time where I enjoyed doing an assignment.

Another thing that I have learned while taking this course was a set of rules that I should follow to stay safe online. As we learned about fake news, privacy, and digital literacies in general. However, my focus was on the fake news topic since my Mozilla Health Report  presentation and curation activities were on this topic. In the Fake News topic, I learnt that I have to be skeptical about any thing I read online, since there are a lot of people who are faking news for the purpose of their benefits and pushing for their own agendas. In addition to this, we learnt a series of steps that we need to follow in order to ensure the credibility of any source of information before we can depend on it. For example, we need to check for the previous work while doing a research on a certain topic. Furthermore, we need to check the source itself and check whether the website/channel is known for its credibility or not. We also need to read laterally about the used source, and finally start searching over using different terms. In addition to this, I knew some websites that were originally designed to check for the credibility of the news such as Snopes and Hoax busters which I have never heard about before taking this course.

Finally, I learnt not to be judgmental. Although this might seem strange since the course is about digital literacies, still we got to learn about understanding and tolerating different perspectives of various topics in life. This was done when the professor asked us to create a game about any topic from our choice that would deliver any message we want to the audience. Thus, I chose to show the people who will play my game that they might be judgmental without knowing that they are. In this game, there were a series of questions including real life situations that everybody encounter everyday. After finishing this game, I realized that many of my friends, family members, and even I turn to be judgmental at sometimes. This game extremely affected my attitude, as I started to monitor myself and whenever I find myself judging anybody who I don’t know, I start making up excuses or reasons for their actions. I do this with my friends and family too; for instance, my mom and I were talking about a rumor that was raised about an Egyptian celebrity, and my mom told me that the act of this celebrity is totally immature. So, I told my mom about my game and that she should not judge her, and after a couple of days we knew that this celebrity had every right to act the way she did and my mom was impressed with my predicting vision XD.

This course was one of the best courses I have taken so far in the AUC. It was so interesting and I enjoyed every single minute of it. However, if I would suggest changes for this course, it would be about increasing in-class activities and decreasing the amount of readings done in class. This is as I believe that in-class activities and class discussions are far more beneficial for our learning experience as they are more engaging and interactive. Also, the Soliya exchanging program which was one of the best experiences in this course. Unfortunately, it was missed by some of my colleagues due to the limited dates and time slots, so I suggest that the number of Soliya sessions should be increased so that students would pick the suitable sessions to attend. As a final note, the course was so interesting, fun, and informative as well. I am glad I have took it <3.


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